Two Types of Chiropractors in Adelaide

While they practice the same medical field, not all chiropractors are the same. Despite going by the same name, modern-day chiropractors now differ significantly in philosophy and technique. While the core practice of chiropractic has never changed, the social acceptance and cultural levels that factored in created chiropractors of different approaches.


Chiropractor AdelaideSo basically, a chiropractor Adelaide can pursue his method of chiropractic care. But currently, two types of chiropractors are growing in popularity here in Australia and other parts of the world. There’s the symptom relief chiropractor and the traditional wellness chiropractor Adelaide. Let’s take a close look at each type and determine why they are the two most common variants.


Symptom Relief Chiropractor

Similar to a typical medical doctor, a symptom relief chiropractic focuses primarily on the relief of symptoms, such as headaches and back pain. Manipulations are done to the spine to relax the joints, reduce pain, and fix any deformities. These types of chiropractors also utilise electro therapies such as diathermy, electrostimulation, ultrasound, and laser acupuncture. In some states in Australia, chiropractors that fall under this category are trying to expand their scope of practice to now include prescribing drugs.


Traditional Wellness Chiropractor

This type of chiropractor relies more on the general wellness philosophy of chiropractic which is structural correction and subluxation of the nervous system. A subluxation is a misaligned vertebra in the spine, which interferes with the nerve impulses. Nerve impulses are the electrical impulse coming from the brain that regulates all function of the body. It’s also responsible for keeping us alive. Although traditional wellness chiropractors aim for their patients to feel better, their primary goal is to remedy the subluxation by removing the nerve interference and restructuring the spine into its stable biochemical position. Afterwards, the patient will then undergo close monitoring via x-rays, postural patterns, and spinal readings until the subluxations are fully corrected, and the spine is finally in proper alignment.



So as you can all see, these two types of chiropractic care have two different approaches and methods for chiropractic treatment. However, their end goals are still the same: to provide care through chiropractic practice and help treat spinal misalignment and improve posture. A chiropractor Adelaide can choose whatever type he likes. However, if you are looking for a potential chiropractor to help you with your spine problems, you might want to weigh in on your options before choosing which type of chiropractor will fit best for you.