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It may not be a well-known fact, but men tend to invest heavily in their footwear. Recent surveys even show that men spend more money on shoes than women do, which is a crazy fact considering how women also value what they wear on their feet. The current trend in today’s fashion standard is that men should have a significant collection of shoes. If not, then they’ll be left behind in the ever-growing fashion industry. If you think you have a weak shoe collection, then it’s time to give it a boost! With the help of Spend Less Australia, we provide a list of the best mens shoes available in the online market today:

The Hurricane Loafer Shoe by Olympus

When it comes to the best-looking shoes, Olympus is a well-known brand here in Australia that delivers the most interestingly-designed footwear. Their hurricane loafer is the creme of the crop, standing out as one of their best-selling shoes.

The hurricane is a hybrid between a loafer and a dress shoe, making it the perfect all-around shoe that you need to have for your everyday wear. It’s a killer for casual and formal occasions. You can either use it on the carpet or the road. Lace-ups are also a guarantee or maybe add some socks. With the hurricane loafer by Olympus, anything is possible.

The Deck Boat Shoe by Olympus

Another one from Olympus is the generational boat shoe that they call “the Deck.” Another all-rounder, the deck is built durably for both comfort and style. When you wear it, you get maximum confidence and comfort on your feet that you can’t compare to any other boat shoe that you’ve worn. With a stylish design and a comfortable feel overall, the deck boat shoe by Olympus is an absolute must-have if you want unparalleled convenience and eye-catching appeal.

The Ashton Dress Shoe by Cooper Cohen

Cooper Cohen is a well-known Australian brand the manufactures and sells the most elegantly designed shoes. The Ashton dress shoe is one of their top-sellers, especially since winter is fast approaching. It’s a lace-up dress shoe that’s perfect for corporate events. It’s the best compliment to any formal wear and will always make you stand out. With its slick and stylish design, it will make any corporate outfit look even better. So, if you’re looking for a versatile shoe that can provide both aesthetic appeal and comfort; you’ve got to give the Ashton dress shoe a try.

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