The Importance of Starting Barriers

When it comes to racing horses, Australia is home to several prestigious competitions. The country is one of the pioneers of the game, and have been one of the innovators to the modern equipment that horseracing uses today. Starting barriers, in particular, have undergone a drastic change over the years. Before, starting gates were made of wood and wasn’t considered a significant factor apart from being just the “starting point” of the race. However, sooner or later, the horse racing committee realised that it plays an important role in the overall outcome of the race. In this article, we’re going to show why starting barriers, also called starting gates, are important.


Horse Racing Is a High-Risk-High-Reward Game


When it comes to horse racing, you play with fire. It involves a lot of factors: horse riders looking for fame and prominence, horses looking to show which is the best, and people gambling large amounts of money in hopes of gaining an even higher return. All of these factors make horse racing a high-risk-high-reward industry. It’s either you go big or go home. However, the one crucial element in this game is money.



People Expect a Fair Game


When the gunshot sounds, people’s money are on the line, that’s why horse racing organisers look to invest in a particular feature of the game that will impact significantly on the element of fairness and equality. That’s where starting barriers come in. The starting position is the most crucial spot at the start of the race. It needs to make sure that every player gets to start equally. That means there should be no hiccups such as jammed starting gates, or some gates not opening at the same speed as the other. That’s why organisers need to make sure that they’re not putting any favourable advantage over the other or else things might not go well.


Starting Barriers Ensure Fairness


Today’s starting gates are developed to ensure that every player gets equal treatment. Technological advancements have even paved the way to the development of automated or computerised starting gates, which takes the significance of a “fair game” to a whole new level.



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