Responsibilities of a Professional Building Inspector

Are you hiring a home inspection service? Do you know what services to expect from them? Well, most people understand that a home inspector will perform some home inspection services, but they are aware of what is always checked. Therefore, even if they get a substandard report, they will never question it since they do not know what the inspector should check or what should be included in the inspection report. This article looks at responsibilities of a home inspector.

When hiring a building inspection service, it is wise that you know what you are looking for. If you go into the process uninformed, you will end up with less than optimal results. Here are the responsibilities of a building inspector.

Checking structure

One thing that a building inspector will do is examine the structural integrity of a building. They will check things like the foundation and ensure that it’s free from cracks. If cracks are found, they will determine the cause and recommend it in their report. Also, when talking of the structural integrity, they will as well check the roof if there is water damage, crookedness, or any apparent roofing problem. Other things examined under the structural integrity is the condition of the basement, attic, walls, etc.

Electrical and plumbing systems

In every home, several arrangements are installed to ensure that your life becomes easy and also to make the house more functional. One example is the electrical system. The electrical system helps you light the house and provides outlets that can be connected to other home appliances. The work of the home inspector is to ensure that the electrical system was well installed and that there are no flaws. Another system that will be checked is the plumbing system. In this case, they will check if all the taps are working, check the drainage, and ensure that the inlet plumbing system is working.

Pest infestation

Pests are very common in homes and commercial buildings. The worst thing is that pest infestation, and especially by termites, is not visible to the naked eye as it’s common in dark areas and the pests will only be seen or realised when the damage is severe. Now, with this in mind, the work of inspector here is to examine your property and check if there are pests in your home. If the infestation is detected early enough, then containing the situation is easy.

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