What You Should Know About TAE40110 Upgrade to TAE40116

Do have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment? Have you heard about the latest upgrade? If yes, you surely are considering to upgrade your qualifications, and are also having some questions such as what the advancement entails, whether it is really necessary to progress your skills, what the requirements are, and other matters. If this is your situation, then this article will give an insight of what you should know.

First, you already see the need to have the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). It increases your chance in the employment industry by creating more opportunities for you. Now if you only have this TAE40110 qualification, you need to upgrade to TAE40116.

Who should take this training upgrade?

The TAE40116 is meant for those who design and deliver training sessions as well as design and conduct assessment within the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector in SA using the nationally-recognised training packages. If you go through the Cert IV Training and Assessment Upgrade successfully, you will be equipped with skills to:

  • Design and develop modern learning programs for nationally-recognised units of competency
  • Analyse the nationally-recognised training packages and elements of competency
  • Plan, prepare, and even deliver training sessions to groups
  • Plan, organise, and conduct professional assessments of nationally-recognised units of competency which includes the development of assessment tools
  • Develop and implement the work-based learning pathways for people

Most individuals undertaking the upgrade will conduct training and assessment as a substantial proportion of their role. Those performing limited training and evaluation roles will find that they do not require the entire qualifications but could benefit from completing some units.

Course Duration

The Certificate IV Training and Assessment upgrade is a self-paced course which compromises of five discrete modules of varying duration, totalling fifteen days of face to face training, plus two support days. This also includes work-based assignments; the course is usually completed over 6 to 18 months timeframe.


The total fee to attend this public course varies from one institution to another. However, you can expect to pay something close to or slightly over $4,100 per person. This includes the assessment and the certificate. The payment is not necessarily a one-time payment; it can be paid in instalments as you attend each module. Some institutions allow daily rates especially when it comes to group-based programs delivered exclusively for their personnel.

Am I required to upgrade to TAE40116?

If you are a trainer or assessor who delivers and assess nationally-recognised training, you are required to upgrade your qualification to TAE40116 by April 2019. You can research more to know some reasons why you need to update.