Buying a Socket Set – Some Key Points You Need to Know

For both experts and DIYers, a socket set comes in handy as it allows you to complete a few tasks effortlessly. For example, imagine that you have moved to a new house and you need to set up a few things that require driving screws as well as tightening. Without a basic socket set, you will have to hire an expert who will offer such services at a fee. Why squander your hard earned money paying for such services while you can do it yourself with a basic socket set? As for experts, they do not need a basic socket set, but a complete socket set as they work is robust.


When it comes to buying socket sets, there are a few things to know. But before we list the points, you should first understand that there are different types of sets. Therefore, see what you want before shopping. For instance, a socket set for a carpenter is different from that of a mechanic. There is no need to buy a set that you do not need, only buy what you will use most of the time if you are a professional in that field.


Before you purchase a complete socket set, consider the following:

How frequent will use the set? If you are a DIYer and only need to use the set occasionally, then you can go for the cheap sockets. This one will last long if not used frequently. However, these are not for professionals who will regularly use the set. If you are an expert, you need to look for long-lasting socket sets, i.e. chrome vanadium steel sockets, as they are robust and durable.


The size. When buying socket sets, you will realise that they come in different sizes. They range from four to one hundred sockets, and the dimensions are in inches or metric. Your appliance or vehicle manual will mention the measuring units. Therefore, consider the size of the machines or areas you will be working on to know the ideal socket set. Otherwise, you may end up with a socket set where more than half of it is of no use in your area of specialisation.



Variety. A socket set can be judged based on the types of handles it contains. The ideal set should have a ratchet handle, T-bar, spinner handle etc. If there are one or more extension bars, then the set is worth buying. Once you factor all these, then buying a complete socket set will not be a problem. Do thorough research to ensure that you get it right.