The Essentials When Using Misting Fans

Summer in Australia means spending some quality time outdoors with family and friends. It is not every day in the year that you get to enjoy the beautiful weather without the rain, snow, and strong winds. However, even the ideal summer days could get ugly in a heartbeat. There are times when the immense heat becomes way too unbearable to the point that you have no choice but to stay indoors. Well, you don’t want to waste the opportunity, so you think of ways to help you and everyone else to cool down. You try to take out the stand fan and use it outside, only to realise that what it merely does is blow hot air.

Fortunately, an excellent alternative exists in the form of misting fans. The misting fan is the ultimate outdoor cooling option. The fact that you fancy this article suggests that you probably already have some idea what it does. If you intend to stay cool outside during the summer months, then the misting fan is your best bet to do that.



When you finally get yourself a misting fan, know that it does not operate as a conventional stand fan does. It uses a misting system that makes it more unique in many ways. For one, it needs water to work. The fan will spray mist courtesy of the water source. The mist goes through a distribution system that turns it into the instrument for cooling the area. The difference between a misting fan and an air conditioning system is that you can use the former in both indoor and outdoor settings.

But because misting fans use water to make them work, the one thing you must be wary of is contacting electricity. Since it works by spraying mist, it means you must avoid putting it close to an electrical circuit or outlet. While it does not directly lead to a fire or spark, the wires and circuitry close to it could build up moisture from the mist overtime.

Do not believe the misconception that a misting fan won’t work in humid areas. Some people think so because of the mist that the fan produces. However, the only way that a moist environment will become unpleasant is when the nozzles or the fan are not in excellent working condition. The truth is misting fans are perfect in areas where there’s humidity. As cooling equipment, it is sufficient for use in warm climates.



What makes a misting fan remarkable is that it is very efficient regarding energy use. Since it does not have a complex system and a compressor, you do not expect it to use up as much energy as a traditional air conditioning unit would. With proper maintenance, it can provide maximum cooling and comfort to your outdoor environment.